Hi and welcome to our shop :)
We have hundreds of items added weekly so keep checking back for great prices, varied additions and we look forward to your custom.
We are currently trading under the name irishdiscfinder, operating off a website called irishdiscfinder is the same team
that brought you Comet Records - record stores in Dublin, Cork and Carlow - also Base X(1979-84), Basement Record Exchange(78)
and the Record and Tape Exchange(77) in Dublin, all cutting edge shops in their time. In addition, between 1982 and 1999 we ran
EuRock Distribution and Global Force Distribution,which became one of the largest Indie, Metal and Dance distributors in Ireland.
We are now placing a lot of our promo items from that time online, as in January 2020 we suffered a warehouse fire that destroyed
95 percent of our stocks, and we need to get back to selling everything we can in order to re-establish the business.
We currently have over 28,500 cds and cassettes for sale and have thousands of 7" singles and lps still to place online
- so if you don't see it here now, then please ask!
Please feel free to contact us directly about any orders, or with any requests, at
Our basic postage charge INCLUDES handling, packaging, commissions and posting. See rates on the site. 
Add 7.50 for registration and tracking (MANDATORY over €25) outside Ireland.
Ask about our registered shipping rates and SEASONAL/SPECIAL OCCASION WRAPPING!
We are not in the warehouse from Fridays 5pm until Mondays 12am, orders received on Friday afternoons will be shipped on Tuesday.
You may choose to have shipment WITHOUT cases for cheaper shipping, please specify when making the initial order, thank you.
When you get to the website, you can “Search irishdiscfinder’s store” for artists, bands, genres (try jazz, or grunge, etc.) or formats
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